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Greypaw Studios Online
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Welcome to the new online home of Greypaw Studios!

Greypaw Studios is an independent furry and furotic art studio. Lunarnia Driftwind, feature artist and director of the studio itself, has worked very hard to get this job and to make the studio what it is. The studio is now successful, functioning and profitable... with only one problem. Lunarnia is still the only artist. Applications are being accepted for artists ranging in work from G to XXX. We are looking for original style, quality of work and creativity of content.

To apply, please send a description of yourself, so that if accepted, a portrait of your character can be added to the studio greenroom. Also, please include 2 or 3 drawings you yourself have created. If you wish to be a furotic artist, please include 2 works of furotic art. If you wish to do strictly pg or g rated furry art, please include 2 of those. If you wish to do a mix, please include one of each. Pretty simple. We are looking for 5 or 6 creative minded artists to be included within this studio. All applications read and considered. Email is on contact page.

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