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Art exchanges loved and accepted. Info below pertains only to commissions by payment in money.

What WON'T she draw?!!!

Well, admittedly there is very little that i will not draw. Any adult prints are sold only with proof of age, or something similar. Blah. Anyway... I will not draw anything from the following categories:

1. Pedophilia... let's keep the kids artwork where it belongs... g-rated.

2. Excessive violence. This does not mean that I won't draw a battle scene, but I will definitely not draw fights, etc. that have no reason. Stringing up someone's intestines like Christmas lights usually requires some kind of cause, right? Fighting over mating rights, or the whole 'save a damsel in distress' thing is fine.

3. Scat or Pissing... There are so many more friendly body fluids. Let's stick with those.

Other than that, let your imagination do whatever it wants.

And now, PRICES! The important part...

1 character, no background~
sketch, $2.00
inked, $5.00
colored, $7.50

1 character, background~
sketch, $5.00
inked, $7.50
colored, $10.00

2 character, no background~
sketch, $6.00
inked, $7.50
colored, $10.00

2 character, background~
sketch, $7.00
inked, $9.50
colored, $13.00

Beyond this, just add $2 for every extra character.


Matting ~ $5
Framing ~ $10
Signature of the artist ~ Free

Disclaimer and Copyright:
All images are copyright Lunarnia Driftwind. Any discovered attempt to steal, alter, or otherwise bother will be met with the vengeance of a thousand locusts. I will not be responsibile for any content seen on this site. Yes, it is my art, but if you don't want to see something like this, don't look at it. If you don't want your kids seeing something like this, parent them.